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SnoValuation Services

Ski and Mountain Resort Appraisals

SnoValuation provides USPAP compliant appraisals for many uses including lending purposes, portfolio management, litigation support, estate planning, partnership interests, tax appeals/assessments, various internal uses, acquisitions and divestitures.

Litigation Support

SnoValuation provides USPAP compliant appraisals, review appraisals, consulting and expert testimony for litigation. We also provide consulting services in support of expert witness reports, depositions and testimony. This includes highlighting strengths, and exploiting or mitigating weaknesses in existing reports and in real time during depositions or hearings.

Property Tax Services

Property taxes are a significant recurring expense for ski and mountain resorts. Often owners and tax officials are unaware of what property is taxable, what property is assessed, and how the property is being valued. Often, these questions reveal errors that when corrected, result in considerable recurring tax savings for our clients. Whether you are a ski resort owner, operator or assessor, we have extensive experience appropriately identifying taxable property at ski resorts, appropriately appraising it per USPAP and the governing tax code, and providing expert testimony in appeals if necessary.

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